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Mind-Crafts specializes in high-quality individualized online tutoring, editorial services, critical review, brainstorming and consulting services. It is a sole proprietorship registered in New Jersey.

The founder and owner of Mind-Crafts, Dr. Malgosia Askanas, is a mathematician, logician, teacher, computer scientist, software engineer, writer, and theater artist. Dr. Askanas' academic work, with a specialization in mathematical logic and recursive function theory, included studies with Profs. Andrzej Mostowski, Ernest Nagel and Raymond Smullyan (who was also her Ph.D. advisor), as well as teaching at CUNY and at Sarah Lawrence College. In her many-year experience as a math teacher, both private and institutional, she has taught calculus, precalculus, statistics, discrete mathematics, logic, remedial math, etc. In the computer industry, she has worked for companies such as Raytheon Data Systems, Intermetrics, ITP Boston, Prime, Alliant, and Panix; her responsibilities included leadership, engineering research, and design and implementation of software in such areas as optimizing and parallelizing compilers, multi-user operating systems, embedded real-time systems, industrial monitoring and control, and diverse areas of system programming. Dr. Askanas has extensive writing credentials in a multiplicity of areas – ranging from technical documentation and user manuals, through technical papers in philosophy and mathematics, through essays on science and art, to plays and performance texts – as well as extensive editorial credentials ranging from grant applications to journal articles, technical manuals, and scientific monographs and books. Her theatrical work includes directing plays, as well as creating special genres of small-scale performances involving texts, table-top object manipulation, and animated overhead projections.